Copper Technical Specifications

Pure Copper Our copper is 110 Annealed Copper; this means that it is pure and soft, not only that but it is great to use in our everyday lives because it actually healthy (as you'll see reading further below) . Copper and copper alloys are widely used in a variety of products that enable and enhance our everyday lives. They have excellent electrical and thermal conductivities, exhibit good strength and formability, have outstanding resistance to corrosion and fatigue, and are generally nonmagnetic. They can be readily cut, altered, glued, molded and preserved, and many can be made into various copper patinas. They can be polished and buffed to almost any desired texture and luster. Our Pure copper is used extensively for: Copper Bar Tops, Copper Kitchen Backsplash, Copper Range Hoods, Copper Furniture, Copper Lamps, Copper Countertops, Copper Cabinets, Copper Bathroom & Copper Vanities,  Copper Tabletops, Copper Fireplace, Copper Switchplates and Copper Cabinet Veneer.

Coppers, bronzes and copper nickels are used extensively for home and business interior and exterior applications. Because of their outstanding ability to withstand corrosion, coppers, brasses, bronzes and copper nickels are also used for pipes, valves and fittings in systems carrying potable water, process water or other aqueous fluids, and industrial gases. Copper alloys are also ideally suited where it is important to minimize bacterial* levels on touch surfaces. Because of their inherent ability to kill 99.9% of bacteria* within two hours, more than 280 copper alloys have been granted public health registration by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This unprecedented registration recognizes copper’s inherent ability to continually kill bacteria* between regular cleanings, and aids in reducing infection-causing bacteria* on touch surfaces in hospitals, schools, offices and other public establishments. (Source: A Guide to Working With Copper and Copper Alloys)

The Process: The process involves many crafts-woodworking, coppersmithing, casting and firing, and the "Earth Burial" patina process. Our work also involves careful selection of materials-matching colors and patina patterns of each copper piece to achieve a striking yet harmonious visual effect. That involves much time and judgement.

Our "secret": As with all of our copper sheets, copper prodcuts and decor comes the exceptional finishes we produce by using techniques we have developed over a decade of experimentation. We call this technique the "Earth Burial" method as we feel it best mimics the natural aging process of time, not duplicated anywhere else on this planet, except maybe on the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. Truly a joy to behold, they age exquisitely like fine wine.

Quality: Pure copper sheets, five mil heavy, undergo a variety of controlled "Earth Burial" processes-each creating a unique patina and color. Not only is the copper and construction substantial, the finish is durable. Just like the raku ceramics process, nature intrudes, defining the process and product. That's what we hope for! It amazes us each time we see sheets of pure, lustrous, machined copper transformed. Magic! 

Unique: Because each piece is unique, you should expect slight variations in color and patina pattern; for example, no two "Rojo's" are alike. You should also expect each artifact to be packed and shipped with the utmost care, and speaking of care, a one-time coat of lacquer will protect the copper for many years.  Also expect the highest standard of craftsmanship. Also expect each artifact to be packed and shipped with the utmost care. Speaking of care, just simple light waxing now and then will maintain the patina nicely.

Our Lightweight (36 gauge) Color Copper Sheets  

This gauge of copper is very durable; it will not tear by hand, but can easily be cut with scissors. 

1) Each color copper sheet is 0.0050” thick (36 gauge). 2) One 3′ x 4′ copper sheet has a weight of almost 3 lbs.
3) Our Color Copper Sheets are easy to adhere to any surface using normal contact cement for an instant bond.
4) A one-time coat of lacquer is recommended to protect the copper for years to come.
5.) The highest level of protection for bar tops, we recommend a lacquer coating, followed by an epoxy coating.

Our proprietary light gauge copper sheets are a great for Copper Range Hood, Copper Bar tops, Copper Counter tops, Copper tabletops, Copper Kitchen Back splash, Copper copper Oven Hoods, Copper Bar Tops, Copper Table Tops, and Copper Cabinet Veneering ideas.

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Our Heavy (24 gauge) Color Copper Sheets

This gauge of copper is very durable and is far stronger and better then the light gauge ; it will not tear by hand, but is easily cut hand shears.

1) Each color copper heavy sheet are 0.0216” thick (24 gauge).
2) A single square foot of our heavy copper weighs 1lb (standard 16 oz. copper) but is easily cut hand shears purchased from a home improvement store.
3) You can adhere the heavy 24 gauge copper to almost any surface using normal contact cement for an instant bond or liquid nails.
4) Our heavy 24 gauge color copper sheets are much thicker than the light 36 gauge copper and do not require an epoxy coating. Instead, we recommend 2 coats of lacquer.

Our proprietary heavy weight (24 gauge) copper sheets are recommended for use with: Kitchen Counter Tops, Copper Tabletops, Copper Range Hoods, Copper Back Splashes, Copper Bar Tops, Copper Tile, and more.

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