Manufacturer of Color Copper Sheeting, Cooper Swichplates, Copper Mirrors, Copper Lamps, Copper Lamp Shades, Copper Bar Tops, Copper Backsplashes, Copper Range Hoods, Copper Cabinets, Copper Countertops and more. Our Genuine Color Copper Creates a Lasting Impression for Home & Business Improvement Projects.

*Our sheet copper has even been featured and used in many cable network Home & Business improvement shows.

Our copper products serve as a great conversation piece, they add a pop of color and style to any room or can also compliment any existing decor. Are you contemplating change with decorating and decor in your own home or business? We have a wide section of elegant products that can fit any budget. Elevate your decor, as each piece is one of a kind unique.  Create a style with similar finishes or a mixture of finishes that compliment each other, either situation, we entice you to explore our copper products. All of our Copper products exude a decorative elegance shaped by warmth with never seen before finish colors. All of our proprietary (28) patina copper finishes that compliment any decor, can only be found here at Total Copper. We have the best selection of patina copper, sheet color copper, bar tops, raw copper and naturally aged copper sheets.

Our products improve your home and business decor, and make great conversation pieces.  We carry a wide selection of Copper Sheets, Copper Lamps, Lamp Shades, Copper Switch Slates, Copper Backslashes, Copper Tiles and more. Great for kitchens, bathrooms, bar tops, counters, floors, cabinets, stairs, ceilings, anything you can imagine. Get creative by replacing your old decor with a our copper patina products. It is one of the simplest and most effective ways to dramatically change the look, style and feel of your home or business. All of our copper products will bring a touch of sophistication and warmth, with an unobtrusive look to any room, making it gleam with vintage, antique or modern style. No matter what copper finish you choose it will blend perfectly with that contemporary or more traditional and rustic charm.