Leopard Copper Backsplash Sheet


Leopard Copper Backsplash is exciting bringing out the soft yet bold yellow as it darkens slightly to an orange-brown. Sporadic black spots throughout makes this a fun favorite. Copper Backsplashes will not disappoint. Meticulously handcrafted back splashes, great for a kitchen backsplash or any DIY project. Made from the finest 24 gauge heavy copper. Certain to inspire feelings of astonishment.

Premium Heavy 24 Gauge (16oz.) Copper Backsplash
For Something Truly Unique, Our DIY Color Copper Backsplash it will not disappoint. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted by our copper smiths. Our proprietary color copper backsplash is made from the finest 24 gauge heavy copper. It certainly will have a unique look and flare to anything you apply it to, people will be amazed when they see it and would be a great conversation piece to anyone who sees it. Each copper backslash piece is very carefully chosen by our master craftsman with over 20 years of experience designing in copper. When looking to add a durable and visually interesting asset to your kitchen or room design, simply explore and select one of our full range copper backsplash sheet colors we have to offer. Our Genuine Copper Creates a Lasting Impression for Home & Business Improvement Projects.

Getting Started: First you need to measure your backsplash area, then select the size of copper sheeting you need in the patina/color you would like.
(*If needed, the copper can be cut with hand shears for trimming and sizing.)
Easy Installation: Just cut your electrical outlets with a Dremel or Rotozip  type tool and adhere copper directly to the wall with construction adhesive for a smooth fit.
Need trim or seam pieces? Not a problem, we have wood-wrapped copper trim and seam pieces to match whatever color you choose.
Protection: We recommend spraying two coats of lacquer on your copper backsplash for durable and lasting protection. This can be done before you adhere your copper to the wall.
Note: You can order any of our Heavy 24 Gauge Copper Backsplash sheets from the “Select Copper Sheet Size(s):” box above to get started. Bigger or larger sizes are available here in Copper Sheets (Heavy 24 Gauge) section.

(*Please note that the Enchantment finish comes in a vertical pattern or a horizontal pattern .)

Each copper piece is carefully chosen by one of our master craftsmen with over 20+ years of experience in patina copper design. Blend a traditional style with contemporary style with our sheet copper back splashes it will add a classic elegant patina color pattern bringing a familiar comfort and charm while bold colors will add a refreshing pop of chic style.

Do something truly one a kind unique! Try one of our patina copper backsplashes they will not disappoint you. Each patina color copper backsplash is made from the finest 24 gauge heavy copper available today. It is is certain add flare with feelings of astonishment to anyone who sees one, with (28) custom colors to choose from you cannot go wrong. Carefully handcrafted made from the finest 24 gauge heavy copper– it’s certain to inspire a conversation from anyone who sees it.