Total Copper Handmade Originals by Stubanrauch

Total Copper is a part of a decades old manufacturing company specializing in the development of various processes to "patina” raw copper with beautiful and varied colors. These patina coppers come in 27 beautiful colors. They are then manufactured into custom wall plate covers, titles, bar tops, counter tops, mirrors, lamps, lamp shades and anything you can imagine for your home, business and office.

"Exclusive producers of the famous Joseph Franklin Copper Lamp Shades. The world's leading source for naturally aged "COPPER” products. Raw patina sheet copper, wall plates, tiles, lamp shades and lamps with thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. Producing quality since 1987,  Total Copper offers unique decor accessories and furniture by Stubenrauch." Through the centuries, the lamp has evolved from a simple source of illumination to an art form. Contemporary lighting ranges from a minor compliment to the defining moment or focal image of a room. Unique needs require unique design and craftsmanship.

The Process:

The process involves many crafts-woodworking, coppersmithing, casting and firing, and the "Earth Burial" patina process. Our work also involves careful selection of materials-matching colors and patina patterns of each copper piece to achieve a striking yet harmonious visual effect. That involves much time and judgement.


Pure copper sheets, five mil heavy, undergo a variety of controlled "Earth Burial" processes-each creating a unique patina and color. Not only is the copper and construction substantial, the finish is durable. Just like the raku ceramics process, nature intrudes, defining the process and product. That's what we hope for! It amazes us each time we see sheets of pure, lustrous, machined copper transformed. Magic!

Because each piece is unique, expect slight variations in color and patina pattern, i.e. no two "Rojo's" are alike. Also expect the highest standard of craftsmanship. Also expect each artifact to be packed and shipped with the utmost care. Speaking of care, just simple light waxing now and then will maintain the patina nicely.

Our Guarantee

We offer a complete no risk guarantee because we want you to be satisfied and happy with your purchase. Our products are designed to last for many years. Over the years we have brought our customers custom copper bar tops, backsplashes and kitchen counters, cabinet fronts, range hoods, wall plates, tile, lamps and lamp shades. We’ve even turned bathroom vanities, ceiling tiles, fireplace fronts, guitars, doors, restaurant items and furniture.

Professional Service

We have worked with numerous architects and interior designers to develop specially crafted products for professional projects. We are happy to work with professionals and can provide actual material samples.

Our Standard Finishes

• Rojo - Red, Oranges, Greens

• Rojo Y Negro - Reds, Oranges, Blacks w/copper

• Azul - Blue to Turquoise w/copper

• Verde - Green w/copper

• Bamboo - Copper w/dark flecks

• Tarnish - Like an old penny

• Dark Tarnish - Black with mottled reds/browns